By Paul A. Roales

I purchased these two photographs on eBay in August, 2004. Both are back stamped "U. S. Army Photograph" and list information on the proper use and credit for the photographs. The prints I have are 8 x 10".

The image above is labeled on the reverse: "SC-93447; Camp Vail, N.J.; Instruction in Meteorology". Since Meteorology class began at Camp Vail in January 1920 and the name Camp Vail was changed to Fort Monmouth in August 1925, this photo dates within that interval.

This image is labeled on the reverse: "SC-96396; Fort Monmouth, N.J.; Taking Meteorological Observations". It was taken after the base name change in August 1925, but I can pin down the date even further (see below). The observation station appears to be on the roof of a building.

Both these photos were taken at the old school location near the air field. Old hangers east of the Main Gate were utilized as classrooms in the early days of the Signal School.

I also recently acquired a copy of US Army Training Manual #30 "Meteorological Observer" dated 1926 and printed in 1927 (cover shown above left). The manual measures 6x9" and has 254 pages. It is illustrated with diagrams of meteorological equiptment and 31 pages of cloud photos. The frontispiece of this manual is shown above right. It is the same as the photograph above it. So that photo was obviously taken between August 1925 and 1927.

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