Fort Monmouth, NJ

By Paul A. Roales

Updated March 16, 2008, Updated October 23, 2008 with aerial photo.

On this page I will show some postcards and other photographs of the Fort Monmouth area that I have collected. If you have any postcards you are willing to give or sell to me please let me know. If you do not want to part with your cards, I would still appreciate a scan for possible use on this page. Several of the cards pictured on this page are from images sent to me.

The first two cards show the Signal Center and School complex. The undated card on the left says: "The student barracks, located near the West Gate are the quarters for all the students attending the Signal School at Fort Monmouth, N.J."
The undated aerial view on the right says: "Meyer Hall, Headquarters, U. S. Army Signal School, in foreground, class rooms on right, student barracks in background."

These next two cards show more aerial views. On the undated card on the left it says: "Aerial view of Myer Park (foreground) the Main Parade Ground, and Russel Hall, Post Headquarters Building (center)."
On the right is an aerial view of downtown Eatontown, NJ with the West Gate of Ft. Monmouth and the Signal School Barracks in the upper right. This card is also undated.

Both these cards show individual buildings. On the left is the NCO Club. This card is postmarked Nov. 18, 1954 in Red Bank, NJ. This is where my 93E Class had its graduation party. The description reads: "N.C.O. Club. The Non-Commissioned Officers Club and recreation center. Providing dining and dancing facilities, a snack bar and TV room."
On the right is Myer Hall. The legend on this card says: "Myer Hall, located at the west end of the main post of Fort Monmouth, is the headquarters for the U. S. Army Signal School. The card is undated.

The postcard on the left above was mailed in 1959 and shows the "Main Entrance to Fort Monmouth, N.J. Russel Hall, Post Headquarters Building, in the backgraound".
On the right is Squier Hall. The legend says: "Squier Hall, Officers' Department of the U. S. Army Signal School, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey". It is postmarked June, 1961.

The postcard on the left above is postmarked 1954 and is titled "The Color Guard". I well remember wearing those orange ascots on formal occasions.
On the right is another aerial view of Meyer Hall and the Signal School Billets. The card is undated.

Here are two older cards. The undated card on the left shows and Interior of the Post Library at Ft. Monmouth, NJ.
The card on the right is dated April, 1953. It states: "Leaving Chapel, Fort Monmouth, N.J. One of the Fort Monmouth chapels, where services for all faiths are held. Fort Monmouth, well known in military circles as "The Home of the Signal Corps", is 40 miles south of New York City."


Here are three photographs. The one on the left is from the 1968 edition of "The New Jersey Shore Area Salutes Fort Monmouth" (Boone Publications). The photo in the center is of the Upper Atmosphere Classroom (Building 200) in 1959 and was provided by Jerry O. Park.The aerial photo on the right shows the area around Building 200 (inside the black rectangle) with the building in the lower right corner, 2 instrument shelters to the left, and the 3 radiosonde domes diagonally across the rectangle.
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