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Lt. Carl R. Newman, M.D. (MC) USNR, Champaign, IL
By Paul A. Roales

In October, 2013 I bought the WW2 Flight Log Book and a few other military documents belonging to Carl R. Newman on eBay. The logbook, open to July, 1943 on Guadalcnal, is shown on the left. The eBay description was somewhat limited and I was pleasently surprised when I received the log book. He was a Doctor and a US Navy reserve officer who was activated and assigned as a flight surgeon to various Marine Corps units during the war. The log book starts when he is getting pilot training at USNAS Pensacola, Fla on May 11, 1942. It follows him through the war until December 10, 1945. Although he was never listed as pilot or co-pilot after Pensacola he kept track of all his passenger time in the log book.

Early in my research I heard back from the National Archives on my request for Carl R Newman's military records. He stayed in the Navy reserves until 1967, so his records are still confidential (only records for people out of the service for over 60 years are available to the public). But they did send me a few items. Including copies of two photos taken of him early in his enlistment. They also sent me some info on his assignments while on active duty, his awards, and a little info on his medical training.

Carl Robert Newman was born April 5, 1914 in Champaign, IL. He graduated from High School in Urbana, IL and then attended the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana where he obtained a BA in Chemistry and his MD in Internal Medicine in 1939. He started his Medical practice in Redwood City, CA. On Oct. 4, 1941 he married Janie Bingham. He enlisted in the US Navy Reserve and was called to active duty March 30, 1942. His Navy service number was 131722.

He was sent to Pencacola NAS in Florida for flight training and by July 7, 1942 he had acquired 28 hours of dual instruction and 9.4 hours of solo flying. He then attended the Tropical Medicine School and the School of Aviation Medicine at Pensacola NAS where he graduated in Sept., 1942. For the rest of 1942 He was assigned as a flight surgeon at the Marine station at Miramar, CA. In Jan, 1943 He was assigned to Marine Corsair Squadron VMF-124. The squadron left San Diego on January 8, 1943 aboard the cruise ship Lurline and arrived at Guadalcanal on February 12, 1943. VMF-124 remained in the Solomons until September 7, 1943, participating in the Russells, New Georgia, and Vella Lavella operations. During his stay in the Solomons Newman's flight log book records flights as a passenger to Cactus, Buttons, Roses, Vila, Tontuta, Sydney Aus., Bomber strip, and Munda. Cactus, Buttons, Roses, and Bomber Strip are code names. Cactus is the fighter plane airstip on Guadalcanal; Bomber strip is the bomber airstrip on Guadalcanal; Buttons was the airfield on Espiritu Santos; Roses was the code name for Efate in the New Hebrides. The others are actual names of bases in that part of the Pacific.

When he returned to the US and was assingned to Marine Air Base at Miramar, San Diego, CA until Jan., 1944. He was then assigned to Marine Base Defence Group 42 at Santa Barbara, CA until December, 1944. He went through a series of short assignments at various Marine Air bases in California until June, 1945 when he was transfered to Headquarters, Squadron 3, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing in Hawaii to begin his second overseas tour. His log book here records landings at eight different airstrips in Hawaii. In August 1945 he was assigned to Marine VMSB-245 on Ulithi Island. His log book reports flights to Ulithi; Johnson Island; Majuro; Kwajalein; and Guam. In October, 1945 he was reassigned to Headquarters, Squadron 3, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing in Hawaii. In December, 1945 he returned to the US at the Marine station at Miramar, CA. The last flight recordrd in his log book is Decenber 10, 1945 at Mirimar. He was released from active duty and reassigned to the US Navy reserves on Feb. 22, 1946. For his service he was awarded the American Theater Medal, the Asiatic-Pacific medal, the WW2 Victory medal, and two Presedential Unit Citations.

Above on the left is a Xerox copy of Lt. Newman's photograph and signature provided by the National Archives. On the right is the only photo taken of the original cadre of pilots assigned to VMF-124. Lt. Carl R. Newman is on the top row sitting on the airplane wing third from the right. He is identified as the medical officer. It was found in a trunk owned by Lloyd B. Pearson [second row, second from right with the pipe in his mouth]. It was taken at Guadalcanal (No.1 Fighter Airstrip) during the period 12-27 February 1943, but not later than 27 February, since W. A. Franklin, who was killed the night of 2/27/43, is in the photo. This photo was provided by David Hallin.

After his discharge from active duty Newman remained in the US Navy Reserves until August 1, 1967. He retired with the rank of Commander. He practiced medicine in Racine, WS until 1971 when he and his family moved to Prescott, AZ. From 1967 until his move to Prescott in 1971 he was a medical examiner for the Federal Aviation Administration. At Prescott he was a staff physician at the Fort Whipple Veterans Hospital until 1977. His wife died on December 21, 1990 and he followed on October 22, 1991. They were survived by three daughters.

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