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More members of my Classic Mini Family.


1974 Austin Mini 1000

Another New Zealand Mini, Mk. III with roll up windows.   This one was originally purchased as a project mini.  Replaced the clutch, cleaned up the fuel system, now it is my current autocross car with a stock 1100cc engine.


1962 Morris Mini Cooper S

Vintage race prepared Mini built by the Wold Brothers.  Dog box straight cut gears with limited slip, weber carb and LCB header, NASCAR style cage, Hoosiers on Minilights and more.


My Mini Corner

The shop I share with two other car enthusiasts.  This is my corner.  The Moke is currently in the process of a complete restoration.  Three other Minis are under cover and my son's 1969 Cutlass drag car. 


1966 Morris Moke

This Australian made Californian model includes roo bars front and rear, white 13" sporty wheels, comfortable seats and a 1340cc engine.  The canvas top folds back.